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    Define. Refine. Act.

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    Dream. Believe. Achieve.

  • Travel from self awareness to actualisation!

    Define. Refine. Act.

  • Create your own Networth tracker?

    Dream. Believe. Achieve.

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About Us

LAYWi in Nutshell

Happ.i.ness | Ch.a.nge | Secur.i.ty | Succ.e.ss

Change is what we fear the most and yet change is what we want the most, better tomorrow, better home, better job, better relationships, better life.

We either change due to inspiration or desperation but we are hardcoded to change (improve) by genetic code we all carry (evolution) scientifically while putting it human psychology perspective again we must change (improve) from one change to another (Self actualisation) to remain happy.

... And LAYWi helps

Happ.i.ness By helping you create your definition of happiness.

Ch.a.nge By creating a inspiring reason (story) to change for better in life, making your journey purposeful.

Secur.i.ty By helping you create a real view of your today's life outside your mind and bring all strengths and weaknesses to forefront to be addressed and improved.

Succ.e.ss By removing fear of failure (using self awareness, planning, evaluation and execution framework), helping you take new initiatives and venture into area which you have never done before.

... Purpose of LAYWi's existence

Better Life for everyone Be a platform for better life, a just life, a happy life. Aiming to make a difference to the world we have inherited from our parents and owe it to our next generation.

... Caveat

Your life's affairs are not matter of three clicks hence using LAYWi needs some application, intelligence, persistence but we are Here to help!

Eventual goal all human share, is to be happy but so often if not always happiness seems to be consider as acquired things or destination rather then being. LAYWi focus on being, on journey of daily life, on proactively defining, refining and aligning all important aspect of one’s life –

Professional achievements

Relationship satisfaction


Financial satisfaction and security

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LAYWi's Concept

This is the most difficult section of LAYWi but important aspect of personal development. This section which mirrors one’s core areas in life. It gathers information and organises it in a systemic manner to cause self-awareness, making it a platform for reflection alongside freeing the mind while system retains it for you.
Having a Vision in life is like having a GPS in life, you may not always be on course, you may miss few turns but very soon you would realize it and you would be able to come back on course. Its your Vision which would consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously drive you in right direction like an auto-pilot as long as you believe in your vision and have been honest in putting required efforts. Vision is not what it is but what it does to you - Inspire, energize and transform you!

As elegantly put by Alvin Toffler "You've got to think about big things while you're doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction".

The GAP between where you are today and where you want to be in certain period!

MAKE a plan. Stick to purpose and not plan. Plans invariably change with setbacks. Simulate the journey. Often! Habitual-lize. List the resources you would require. Find the building blocks, the stepping stones! Decide the Price you are willing to Pay!

Make a conscious choice, Go for it knowingly. This all could be done with of LAYWi. More ...

A value system simply asks “What is important to you?” How far are you willing to go for it, how much pain you can take and efforts you are willing to put in, to keep it consistent between your thoughts and actions.

How - state all your habits (One's you have and one's you want to have), Brainstorm your belief system from habits while making sure it is consistent with your vision, Monitor your thoughts and actions, eliminate inconsistencies consciously, Monitor your thougths and actions till they acquire consistency of habits(automated), Your values become your habits, Your habits become your destiny. How @LAYWi...

What you need in a system to achieve what you want in life is ability to gather, organise, evaluate, catalogue, remember, remind, communicate (present in form suited), share where and when needed information about us. Turning data into information leading to knowledgeable action.

LAYWi has all the tools required to do the same - Content Management, Diary, To Do list, Calendar, Cataloguing, Connect & Share, Dashboard.

There are so many things we keep planning in our heads & keep pushing them for the tomorrow. But that "Tomorrow" never really comes. If you don't write down concrete goals and give yourself a timeline for achievement, you won't get any closer to where you desire to be or desire to achieve.

You can define your goal at LAYWi & it will assist you throughout in your journey towards achieving it with a systematic approach & regular evaluation and monitoring.

Top 4 Features used at LAYWi

Content Management



Value System


Where can LAYWi add value?

Where can LAYWi help?

At LAYWi we believe, Life should be lived with vision & plan , a proactive plan & challenging vision!

Where can LAYWi add value for your Organisation?

  • Align Organisation

    In today's day and age, having a digitally aligned organisation is a must. Aligned to create, roll out, get buy-in and understanding, transform with easy using digital platform.

    Read More
  • Align Vision

    Align Organisation's Vision, Mission to create a Purpose & Identity driven culture within organisation.

    Read More
  • Align Strategy

    Define Value System aligned to organisation's Vision, Identity & Culture, Communicate to m

    Read More
  • Align Value System

    Define Value System aligned to organisation's Vision, Identity & Culture, Communicate to.

    Read More
  • Align Todays and Future Skill Needs

    Are we doing enough of the right things to develop the capabilities our people need to deliver the outcomes that matter most to the business?

    Read More
  • Engage Workforce

    In general, its been found that companies with higher levels of employee engagement showed higher levels of profits. The five dimensions of employee engagement are: employee satisfaction, employee identification, employee commitment, employee loyalty and employee performance. Read More

  • Align Organization's Knowledge

    An organisation is more successful if its employees learn quicker, implement and commercialise knowledge faster than the competition's workers. An organisation that is unable to continuously develop, share, mobilise, cultivate, put into practice, review, and spread knowledge will not be able to compete effectively.

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  • Go Beyond Usual Organizations

    Creating organisation which can best exploit and perform in current time and can sustain in future.

    Read More

Our Features

How we do it


Framework for happiness and success

1. Define, 2. Refine 3. Align and Achieve.

Framework is based on research (Human psychology, Neurology and other proven principles of life) and abley supported by set of tools to make system work seamlessly. More here...

Personal Value System

It is system where you would choose set of values which are relevant and importantr to you, your surroundings and vision. Next step to evaluate each of those values on SWOT board followed by preparing a list of action to remediate the weakness and threats while capitalizing on strengths. Value System SWOT Board with LAYWi. More here...

Personal Vision

Get involved with the LAYWi experience of Defining Vision in life, then Refining it to the extend that you believe in it absolutely and then Aligning things around in life to achieve your vision. And that is LAYWi's vision too, to help you achieve your vision. More here ...


The Dashboard provides a summarized View of all your recent activities on LAYWi at a single glance. You can measure where you stand in all the essential zones of your life & proceed to establish stability in the key areas of living. More here ...

Content Mgmt

Content Organiser provides you space to organise your digital contents securely at one place. It also gives you ability to set reminders on them, share them, access them from anywhere, suggest the necessary documents to be digitalized and much more. More here ...

ToDo List

Nobody is capable of remembering everything at all times. Without some sort of external memory aid, we are sure to forget things due to the nature of our short-term memories. Maintaining a to-do list will help you to effortlessly keep track of everything that you need to do. More here ...

Calendar & Reminder

Reminder and Calendar feature at LAYWi gives you ability to create events Reminders according to your requirements. You can create Reminders at different sections of your profile like Mental Well-being, Relationship Well-being, Education, Wealth etc, as well as at your Projects. More here ...


With digital age, amount of information we are creating is phenomenal and hence challenge to maintain it properly is equally big. Having considered it as information, harnessing it is vital so that you get the best value out of it. Managing with right context is vital like associating notes (diary entry) with subject, with time and relevance as if catalogued. More here ...

Connect & Share

We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep. LAYWi is not only meant for Personal development, Organisation & balancing life but it is also a mode of finding your personal, professional & social contacts in any corner of the world and staying connected with them through Internet access. More here ...


Favourites functionality at LAYWi especially designed for you to organise and manage your different interests at one place. Not Just favourites which you have experienced but also your wish list of things and activities you deem as possibly your favourite. Like holidays you want to take, restaurants to visit, cities to explore, books to read and so forth. More here ...

Why use LAYWi ?

Benefit 1

Define Me

Stimulate Self Awareness leading to clear thinking (vs cluttered), acting consciously (vs auto-pilot), authenticity in action (vs confusion between action and motion) and proactive living (vs reactive).

Benefit 2

Self Profiling

Gives clear scorecard in important areas of life, leading to unequivocal action and continuous measurement on defined parameter considered relevant to defintion of one's success.

Benefit 3


With ability to define & execute one's Vision and much needed Value System, LAYWi offers unparallel capabilities in arena of managing one's life with plan and bias for action.

Benefit 4

Act: Align, Evaluate and Achieve

Again with great deal of research in field of goals/project management along human psychology, we implemented a project management section with LAYWi which takes its feed as task from already defined areas

Benefit 5


We bring together a lot of tools which otherwise are not part of single platform like Todo List, Content Management, Notes Management, Calender, Reminders, Favourites which work not just seamlessly with all section of LAYWi but work efffectively well as standalone tools.


Purpose of LAYWi

Be a platform for better life, a just life, a happy life. Aiming to make a difference to the world we have inherited from our parents and owe it to our next generation.

.. Watch this space in 2016

Some facts about us

We are proud of these numbers

User since Jan 2015
Projects defined and runnings
Dashboard continously monitored
Vision & Value System created

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Ash 18, uses LAYWi

Ash is using LAYWi to find her wings in this world. She uses LAYWi to organise her day to day life as well as build upon her vision while clarifying her values. She is using Dashboard to create balance in life at a young age to beat stress while working hard towards planned, positive, successful and happy life.

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Natasha, 26 uses LAYWi

Natty uses LAYWi to plan her life, organise all important information required on regular basis and manage all resources she has at her disposal to make life a better place. Natty believes ‘Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.’ and she manages both using LAYWi.

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Roy, 32 uses LAYWi

Roy uses LAYWi to make his life better everyday in everyway. Making more time for family, personal development while keeping financial stability and growth on track. He uses most functionality LAYWi offer very wisely as LAYWi is set of proven processes along side tools and one can arrange them way one wants to get best results.

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Larry, 41 uses LAYWi

Larry started using LAYWi when he realised he was controlled by tools rather than him using them to manage his life. He used to login into many different application to manage each individually and disconnected from another. Now he use LAYWi to maintain his cruise control in life he had build with his hard work.

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What well respected Leader have to say on happiness & Success!

Having wrestled with these issues over the past thirty years, I have come to believe that the key to achieving your aspirations lies not in “being a success” but rather in working to reach your unique potential. This requires you to create your own definition of success rather than accept a definition created by others.

Robert S Kaplan, Author of book 'What You're Really Meant To DO'

Robert Kaplan

Senior Associate Dean, Harvard Business School

Human life will never be understood unless its highest aspirations are taken into account. Growth, self-actualization, the striving toward health, the quest for identity and autonomy, the yearning for excellence (and other ways of phrasing the striving “upward”) must by now be accepted beyond question as a widespread and perhaps universal human tendency.

Abraham Maslow

Abraham Maslow

Psychologist and known for Hierarchy of needs

We often hear about work/life balance, but Stew Friedman takes it two steps further. He breaks life into four parts: work, home, community, and the private realm of mind, body, and spirit. Leading the Life You Want illustrates through compelling biographies the skills you need to act with authenticity, integrity, and creativity—helping you lead a life that truly blends meaning and happiness.

Stewart D Friedman, Author Leading the life you want

Melinda Gates

On Stewart book Leading the Life You Want

In his latest book How Will You Measure You Life? exploring questions everyone needs to ask - How can I be happy in my career? How can I be sure that my relationship with my family is an enduring source of happiness? And how can I live my life with integrity?

Clayton Christensen, Author of book How Will You Measure You Life?

Clayton Christensen

Author & Professor at Harvard Business School

The important but often neglected premise that the key to realizing your unique potential—and thereby living a fulfilling professional life—is to create your own definition of success rather than accept the definition created by others. Creating a sustainable path to personal growth and fulfillment. Focusing on helping pursue intrinsic motivations, such as exploring intellectual challenges, strong relationships.

Ira Magaziner

Ira Magaziner

Vice Chairman and CEO, Clinton Health Access Initiative

HISTORY’S GREAT ACHIEVERS—a Napoléon, a da Vinci, a Mozart—have always managed themselves. But they are rare exceptions, so unusual both in their talents and their accomplishments as to be considered outside the boundaries of ordinary human existence. Now, most of us, even those of us with modest endowments, will have to learn to manage ourselves. We will have to learn to develop ourselves.

Peter F Drucker

Peter Drucker

Founder of modern management

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