Step 1: Use system define category or define your own.
Step 2: Manage all you records at single place with well defined sub-categories.
Step 3: Once fully defined, you can add / see:
1. Medical condition, records, prescriptions, reports
2. All your Notes, Links, Books etc and share is needed.
3. All your reminders, appointments and attachments.
Never miss any record, symptoms, state of mind and improve continuously.
Few pointers as to what is possible with LAYWi.
Declutter your well-being, Create a happy and healthy existence.
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Well-being section of LAYWi help you Define, Refine, Align and Achieve optimization in Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual well-being.

Define your well-being to start to with, all aspects which are important to you. Area where you are strong like mental well-being or weak like diet or exercise aspect of physical well-being. Motivation here is to take stock of all elements of well-being so you can adjudge what needs changing and what need consistency.

Once defined, manage it proactively, keep all records, measure on your defined parameter each area for improvement.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.