Step 1: Define Vision for your life, Purpose you live for.
Hint: Don't rush, introspect, feel it, question it until you believe in it.
Step 2: Now create vision for specific areas complimenting general vision always.
Hint: Don't let professional or any vision contradict each other or general vision.
Step 3: Create mission to acheive your vision, splitting vision into multiple steps.
Hint: Its your long term planning,stepwise or execution strategy towards your vision.
Step 4: Create objective to acheive each of your mission leading towards vision.
Hint: Objective are immediate action items with defined result within time period.
Step 5: Objective created in step 4 can be coverted to projects to achieve results.
Hint: For more details on LAYWi's project management section click here.
This is how it all come together.
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Vision section of LAYWi help you Achieve your vision for your life by provinding you a platform where you can clarify your vision, break into reasonable action items over period and continuously track and adjust as when and where needed.

Vision which is essentially your dream, your desired world, important thoughts & ideas for which you are willing to put in substantial effort, take risk, go extra mile and make sacrifices.

Vision without a task is only a dream. A task without a vision is but drudgery. But vision with a task is a dream fulfilled.
Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference.