Step 1: Catalogue your skills and learnings.
Step 2: Define each sub-section fully.
Step 3: Once fully defined, you can see:
1. Skills description and other details
2. Rating as done in 'Refine Me' section
3. Project done or running related to it.
You can actively manage all Notes, Reminders, To Do list etc related using tools tab.
Share your skills with others on LAYWi platform.
Few pointers as to what is possible with LAYWi.
Don't get stranded, Achieve your potential.
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Professional section of LAYWi helps you Define, Refine, Align and Achieve success and satisfaction in professional life.

Define your current standing with your Skills, Education & Experience, your professional repertoire. Not just for success but also for self actualisation as after all what we do, we do it so we can achieve happiness & contentment out of journey and result.

Once defined, you can see the gap for missing skills, skills which are your strength & skills which need improvement via your experience as well as LAYWi's Refine Me section. Finally filling the gap or upgrading the skills, use LAYWi's Align and Achieve section for goals management using proven project management techniques.

After all, when passion blends with profession it turns into a masterpiece.