Step 1: Define all important aspect about you, more here. Step 2: Under Refine Me choose Self Profiling.
Self Profiling from step 2 would give you, your scorecard.
Step 3: Now go on complete your vision, more here on creating vision <<>>.
Step 4: Now study the gap between profile score (Step 2) and Vision (step 3), based on what's needed to bridge the gap and achieve your vision build your value system. More on value system here.
Value System is essentailly set of positive habits you would need to achieve your goals in life.
Your Value System board within LAYWi is called 'SWOT Scoreboard'.
With LAYWi kick start your personal improvement project(s) with full understanding of circumstance and direction.
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We as human are designed to seek better tomorrow in various terms like better home, job, relationship, financial status, social circle and so forth, Agree ? Then read on..

LAYWi is designed with personal improvement at heart of it, designed to help users to work towards self actualisation using its Framework of "Define, Refine, Align and Achieve". LAYWi also has set of tools to helping its user in self actualisation journey along side framework, for more..

Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.