Way our personal wisdom system works.
LAYWi covers the Length, Beadth & Depth of personal information needs & feeds!
Covering the length of personal information need!
Covering the all important areas of life!
Covering the breadth of personal information need!
Providing the toolset to support all information processing!
Covering the depth of personal information need!
Providing a framework to turn information to knowledge & in turn to wisdom!
LAYWi is an End to End Personal Information System, much needed in digital age.
With its Framework, Tools, Documentation & Support System makes LAYWi unique!
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Be-all and end-all of LAYWi is to create knowledge out (actionable and one that has yours absolute backing) of information created within LAYWi which in turn creates a best life for you, one you deserve and willing (creating a belief system) to work towards it.

LAYWi has Framework to create information in structured manner (backed by research) and process it into valuable personal insight and tracker system, Tools to support the creating and storage of information in right format and context.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.