Step 1: Define, Communicate, Disseminate vision into organisation life line.
Instilling right and single direction into organisation's piriorities and culture.
Step 2: Define and Align Organisation's Vision, Strategy and Goals.
Communicate, Instill, Institutionalize the purpose of organisation and future direction.
Step 3: The Follow:
1. Leadership's Vision: Wisdom
2. Organisation's Strategy to accomplish vision: Knowledge
3. Organisation's Goals / Project Portfolios: Information
4. Project Plans: Data.
Step 4: Define and Align Project Portfolios to Vision and Strategy clearly.
Clearly define all critical performane measurement parameters and milestones.
Clearly defined, communicated, integrated, inclusive Vision and Strategy are first step to organisation's ability to handle any transformation and stay on top.
They help by creating:
Sense of Purpose and Identity.
Establishing sense of empowerment and action.
Establishing sense of urgency and respsonsbility when communicated.
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In today's day and age, having a digitally aligned organisation is a must. Aligned to create, roll out, get buy-in and understanding, transform with easy using digital platform.

Strategy, values, culture, employees, systems, organizational design, and the behavior of the senior management team all have to be in alignment as found by Michael Beer *.

* Michael Beer is Cahners-Rabb Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus at Harvard Business School.