The importance of alignment in learning and development is receiving increasing attention.
If corporate learning and development is to remain relevant, learning leaders must shoulder the burden of developing the company’s talent capabilities and supporting strategic priorities.
Direct link between project portfolios and skills requirement is vital.
Businesses have to project their skills requirements well in time so they can train, cross train and keep up to date their employees on knowledge as well as experience front, to give organisation ability and agility to deliver good results.
Create organization wide skill repository (with experience and education DB)
Once skills are directly linked to strategy and project portfolio, employee would see better connection between skills and requirements.
This would give employees a drive to acquire new skills needed by organisation.
Giving employee ability to self manage one's skills with platform to store various related information, makes the process very proactive and engaging.
Ability to manage each skills or group of skills as project itself gives a dynamic model to learning and performance management.
Sharing skills related information via such platform across organisation promote collaboration and knowledge transfer implicitly.
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Ability to manage Skills needs within an organisastion in today's business environment is a very challenging task.

Skills requirement could change due to disruptive business mode, disruptive technology or business growth in emerging markets or changes in industry regulations.

So keeping an up to date scorecard of existing skills, linked to Strategy and needs of currently underway project portfolio's or in pipeline are vital to good performance.