A well performing organisation has its Vision, Strategy, Portfolio of projects, knowledge and culture aligned.
Or more simplistic put - An articulately communicated Purpose, Picture, Plan and Part.
Cultivating desired behaviors to support the needs of the business and corporate learning that links professional development to business goals.
 Ability to create link between Skills, Experience, Feedback along side establishing right culture to Strategy is Vital for today's organizations to succeed.
Beside providing the right skills and culture within organisation, what also need is:
Right Reward System needs to be establish to promote collaboration, mentorship, risk taking, accountability and ownership.
Fully committed to helping employee advance their careers by helping them create a carreer developmen plan, giving them access to best practices, training them to deal with change, adversity, challenging relationships, making difficult decisions.
Also have a system which help in knowledge retention, dissemination and socializing it.
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KNOWLEDGE is a function of information, culture, and skills:
Knowledge = f (Information, Culture, Skills)

The function specifies the relationship between knowledge on the one side and information, culture, and skills on the other.

In this context information comprises the meaning given to data or information obtained according to certain conventions; this is also known as explicit knowledge. On the one hand, culture is the total amount of standards, values, views, principles, and attitudes of people that underscore their behaviour and functioning. On the other hand, skills are related to the capability, ability, and personal experience of people; they relate to what people can do, know, and understand.