Ability to align Vision, Strategy and goals along side organisational culture and structure.
Clear communication of what to do at any given time, trusting people to move in the right direction. Resultant is an organisation that can focus less on deciding what to do and more on simply doing.
Strategy: Plan of action to achieve the best result inline with Organisation's Vision while best exploiting available resources in ethical and time bound manner.
Strategy Execution: 1. Commit to purpose.
2. Translate strategic into Portfolio of project which in turn leads to everyday action.
3. Establish organisation's culture right using value system matrix for organisation.
4. Align workforce, resources and expectation for best results while setting up realistic progress measurement matrix.
May it be Corporate Strategy or Business unit or Business function or Product strategy, all centrally defined, shared organically and securely, easy to spot and discuss misaligned.
Clear link upstream to Vision & Mission and downstream to portfolio of projects using Strategy.
All associated information maintained along side centrally to make understanding congruous.
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Ability to align organisation on the lines of knowledge is a must in current day and age.

Organisation which are aligned across board when they share their Vision, Strategies, Porfolio of projects for strategy execution and all requisites for success.

Achieving real alignment, where Strategy, Goals, and Meaningful Purpose reinforce one another, gives an organization a major advantage because it has a clearer sense of what to do at any given time, and it can trust people to move in the right direction.

Mission of an information aligned organisation is to keep all parts it in sync, well informed, agile to any needs.