Value System within organisation is that force which help in journey from current position to accomplish its vision, for which organisation is setup and exist to fulfill.
Value System are set of characteristics which are measured within organisation at individual level and rolled up to see over all readiness.
Step 1:Value System characteristics should be defined at organisational level which are aligned to its Vision - Purpose and Identity along with Strategy to accomplish the Vision.
Communicate, Instill, Institutionalize the purpose of organisation and future direction.
Step 2: Parameter needs to be defined on which individual can be evaluated on.
Parameter's associated value could be rolled up and give scorecard for organisation value system aligned to its Vision and Strategy.
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A value system is a set of consistent ethical values (more specifically the personal and cultural values) and measures used for the purpose of ethical or ideological integrity.

Beside driving ethical side for an organisation, value system also drives ability to change, adopt, persist and win under difficult and Strenuous circumstances.

Value System clearly plays a vital role in sucessful organisation by steering the organisation culture in right direction and help building the right team, culture, processes and tools.