Life is a Journey, wisdom is knowing what path to take and integrity is taking the journey.

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LAYWi & happiness


What's LAYWi ?



LAYWi is a platform to provide its user base with structured approach to achieve best from one's life (what one's desires and willing to put in required efforts). It is based on well researched and proven approach.


It is divided into two section:

Section 1: Framework for Life As you want it

Step 1: Define Me (All important areas of life relevant to happiness and success)

Step 2: Refine Me (Reflect, Assess what is defined in Step 1 and setup vision for happy and successful life)

Step 3: Align and Achieve (Plan and execute your goals from Step 2 as projects).

Section 2: Set of tools help along side framework for LAYWi.

Tools like Diary, ToDo List, Content Organiser etc



REMEMBER: LAYWi is about your life, your dreams, your projects, self learning and awareness, journey towards your happiness which depends on your self actualisation. It can't be three click public affair, its Sacred! It would take time, patience & understanding - its just one LIFE you have, plan to be what you want to be, Live and achieve your dreams and not others!




Why LAYWi?



I can Define-Refine-Achieve my Professional goals at or using ........................

I can Define-Refine-Achieve my Well-being goals at or using ........................

I can Define-Refine-Achieve my Relationships goals at or using ........................

I can Define-Refine-Achieve my Wealth (Financials) goals at or using ........................

I can Define-Refine-Achieve my Vision goals at or using ........................

I can Define-Refine-Achieve my Value System for my life goals at or using ........................


If you can fill up all blank above easily then fantastic otherwise you can achieve all of above with LAYWi.


Of course it would not be as easy as doing an excel workbook or writing an email or posting a twit or FB post but we as LAYWi team are there to help you in every step as long as you bring aboard you passion and commitment. And we can promise the journey would be worth the efforts.



One thing that unites us as humans irrespective of geographic, social or religious differences and that is the intrinsic drive to dream, dream of better tomorrow, better relationships, better jobs or career prospects, better life in general. That is why we exist! We are for a Dreamer and a Doer. And it is never too late to be what you might have been. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.



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The Roadmap

How LAYWi helps in achieving Life you want?








LAYWi Areas









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Define: Self Awareness


What defines you as person, what makes up your life?


At end of this section, you would have all your relevant information & knowledge catalog at proper place systemically which could be search, set reminder on, store attachment against, maintain notes and shareable with relevant people. Mind would be free to think new ideas and ways to achieve them rather then doing chores of remembering things and dates.


LAYWi covers all important areas to help you create a happy and successful life. Learn more.




Define my Professional aspect of life ... How-To?

Define my Well-being aspect of life ...How-To?

Define my Relationalship aspect of life ...How-To?

Define my Wealth aspect of life ...How-To?




Refine: Self Profiling


Here you start your journey towards life you want, you discover your strengths, weakness, You essay your vision, discover and form your value system for life. Learn more.





Create my Self assessed profile for myself ...How-To?

Create my Vision for my Life ...How-To?

Create my Value system ...How-To?




Align and Achieve: Self Actualisation


Here all your Defined and Refined information comes together and you embark upon your journey. Prioritising your goals, align resources and executing your projects to achieve Life you want. Learn more.




Define my execution and monitoring plan, My projects ...How-To?


The Tools


LAYWi Tools


Content Organiser

Gives LAYWi users space to organise their digital contents securely at one place.


Also gives ability to set reminders on them, share them, access them from anywhere, suggest the necessary documents to be digitalised and many more features...





Connect to people you know or want to connect, communicate with them, sharing their and your expertise to enrich both lives, engage with common goals, happiness and sharing the same...





Dashboard gives you snapshot of your engagement with LAYWi, brief summary and a measure of most important areas of your life...




It also give you view of your day, week and month, all your reminders and scheduled tasks / events...





LAYWi Tools



Gives you ability to manage all your favourites at one place, may it be Restaurants, Recipes, Books, Locations, websites and so forth.

Just create your own category and/or sub categories to arrange your favourites in best possible manner which suits you...





Gives you ability to manage all your Journal or Notes or information to be gathered in an organised manner.

Users can create as many diaries as they want, tag them for better search, ability to format you entries, share them securely and much more...




To Do List

Gives you ability to manage all your To Do list needs. List can be as a simple check list or you can have additional features such as action by date, comments, reminders, priority etc...




The Complete Picture


LAYWi Complete


Beside providing a framework that helps you define your roadmap for life and set of tools to help you realize it. LAYWi is full of best practices at heart which intrinsically help you achieve your goals and happiness.


And above all, we care and we want to improve continuous ours and yours life!


Now that you have 40% infrastructure ready to succeed in life, other 60% depends on your purpose for life, your persistence, dedication, passion and willingness to walk extra mile to make a difference, to achieve what you always wanted. Go on!


We would never promise it would be easy but we do promise it would be worth while!




The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Start yours!




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